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Mission / Vision / Strategic Plan

G-I Vision: The Geo-Institute will guide the geoprofession to new frontiers to better serve society.

G-I Mission: The Geo-Institute will address the challenges of the geoprofession and enhance the value of geoprofessionals.

G-I Strategic Plan 2018-2022

  • Goal 1: Collaborate externally to promote value and leadership of the geoprofession in public policy, professional practice, and project decision-making.
    • Participate actively in project policy and public policy
    • Support professional practice, including developing and implementing policies about licensure and post-PE credentialing
    • Address challenges from marginalization and commoditization
  • Goal 2: Lead in providing technical and career opportunities for members.
    • Facilitate moving the state-of-the-art into the state-of-the-practice
    • Deliver high-quality publications and continuing education
    • Provide opportunities for networking and collaboration within the community
    • Foster leadership and mentoring
  • Goal 3: Promote new technology and innovation.
    • Foster development of new materials
    • Foster development of new technology
    • Promote recognition for the role of geoprofessionals in innovation
    • Foster development of new methods for project delivery
  • Goal 4: Provide excellence in delivery of services.
    • Provide excellent international, national, and regional conferences
    • Provide a strong digital presence with G-I content, policy, and guidance
    • Produce high-quality, readily accessible publications
    • Communicate effectively with members, partners, and stakeholders


G-I Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2018-2022
Adopted by the G-I Board of Governors on 17 October 2017

G-I Bylaws

Geo-Institute Bylaws
Adopted by the G-I Board of Governors on July 2018

G-I Policy and Procedures

Geo-Institute Policy and Procedures
Adopted by the G-I Board of Governors on 14 January 2015