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Amy Getchell

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a committee consisting of members of each Graduate Student Organization across the nation.

This committee:

  • Promotes collaboration among GSOs
  • Creates new funding opportunities
  • Keeps G-I leadership informed about student issues
  • Creates and helps plan certain student activities at the Geo-Congress
  • Increases the effectiveness of G-I student activities and competitions

Student Leadership Council Members

2017-2018 Executive Committee:

 Name  Position Email 
Amy Getchell Chair agetchel@purdue.edu
Jeff Wallace Vice Chair jfwalla2@illinois.edu
 Tugce Baser Public Relations Chair tbaser@ucsd.edu
 Sean Salazar Small Grants Chair ssalazar@uark.edu
Rehab Elzeiny GeoLegends Chair rae215@lehigh.edu
 William Baker GeoCongress Planning Chair bakerwil@udel.edu


Public Relations Committee:

 Name  Position Email 
Tugce Baser Chair tbaser@ucsd.edu


Small Grants Committee:

 Name  Position Email 
 Sean Salazar Chair  ssalazar@uark.edu


Geo-Legends Committee:

 Name  Position Email 
  Rehab Elzeiny Chair rae215@lehigh.edu


Geocongress Student Activities Planning Committee:

 Name  Position Email 
Will Baker Chair bakerwil@udel.edu


G-I Consultant Board:

 Name  Position Email 
Tatiana Vlasova Geo-Institute tvlasova@asce.org
 Michael McGuire SPC Advisor to SLC mcguirem@lafayette.edu
 Beena Ajmera SPC Advisor to SLC bajmera@fullerton.edu


SLC Representative at SPC:

 Name Email 
Amy Getchell agetchel@purdue.edu
 Jeff Wallace jfwalla2@illinois.edu