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Subcommittees and Initiatives

Awards Committee

Mike Coryell (chair), Mustafa Al Saleh, and Alejandro Martinez

ASCE SP&M Individual Award Nomination Process

ASCE SP&M Paper Award Nomination Process

Special Projects

Leon van Paassen (Chair, Soil Improvement Committee), Hai (Thomas) Lin (contact person, Soil Properties and Modeling Committee)

This special project aims to develop several entries on bio-mediated soil improvement methods into GeoTechTools (GTT), based on performed case histories, and provide insight in the potential applicability and limitations of the proposed technologies. Including these technologies in GTT will help practitioners become familiar with these technologies, implement them in projects, and find new applications.

Yazen Khasawneh (Chair), Michelle Barry (Co-Chair)

Project objective: provide a series of lectures, geared towards practitioners and students, on the characterization of soil properties and modeling of their associated uncertainty.


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