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Committee Webinars

Introduction to unsaturated soils (Fredlund). January 2010.

Laboratory methods for unsaturated soils (Likos/Padilla). April 2010.

Collapsible soils (S. Houston/Miller). December 2010.

Design of stiffened slabs on grade on shrink-swell soils: A new approach
(Briaud/King). April 2011.

Unsaturated soil applications to pavements (Siekmeier/Zapata). August 2011.

Constitutive behavior of unsaturated soils (Hoyos/Zhang). November 2011.

Estimating Unsaturated Soil Properties for Shear Strength and Volume Change
(Vanapalli/W. Houston). January 2012.

Design and analysis of water balance covers (Benson). April 2012.

Measurement of Soil Suction in the Field for Geotechnical Engineering Applications (Puppala/Fredlund). March 2013.

Unsaturated Soil Mechanics in Slope Stability (Lu/Godt). April 2013.

Thermal Behavior of Unsaturated Soils (McCartney). March 2015.

Stiffened Slab on Grade on Shrink Swell Soils (Briaud). November 2016.

Foundations on Expansive Soils (Chao/Murthy). March 2017.

Stiffened Slab on Grade on Shrink Swell Soils (Briaud). May 2017