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Best Chapter Award and Chapter Achievement Award

The Best Chapter Award was established in 2012 by the Geo-Institute to recognize Chapters’ accomplishments for its members and its community. Because of the successful efforts of the G-I Chapters, the Local Involvement Committee has added a second award, the Chapter Achievement Award, to recognize those accomplishments of a second Chapter. The Chapter Achievement Award is intended for smaller or newer chapters, or chapters that have shown significant year-over-year improvement or growth. Each winning Chapter will receive a visit from a nationally recognized speaker to present at a local meeting, and the Chapter’s accomplishments will be highlighted through an article in GEOSTRATA magazine.


Nominations will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Communicating effectively with local Geo-practitioners (emails, web sites, newsletters)
  2. Holding well-attended regular meetings
  3. Providing quality presentations on current technical subjects
  4. Providing relevant ethics presentations
  5. Interacting with ASCE and other affiliated Organizations
  6. Interacting with and supporting G-I Graduate Student Organizations
  7. Providing scholarships to geotechnical students
  8. Leading or participating in active K-12 outreach programs
  9. Hosting or participating in regional geotechnical seminars
  10. Sponsoring public service/awareness activities
  11. Championing sustainability principles and awareness
  12. Setting and achieving healthy membership goals


To apply for the award, please submit:

  • A cover letter, signed by the current Chair of the Chapter
  • A letter summarizing how the Chapter has performed in each of the areas listed in the Criteria section. Additional supporting information (ex. Presentations, announcements, membership numbers, sponsorships, etc.) may be included as an attachment to the letter.

Please send your completed application to Brad Keelor at or Geo-Institute of ASCE, ATTN: Brad Keelor, 1801 Alexander Bell Dr., Reston, VA 20191.

Download the nomination form.

The application deadline is February 22.