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IDEA Evaluation Reports

Technical evaluation reports provide a summary of the technical review. The final report helps state and local agencies to evaluate the ERS more efficiently and advance the dissemination of ERS technology to the construction industry. The state or local transportation agencies are responsible for the overall approval of an ERS for use on their projects. The extent to which an agency chooses to approve a specific ERS is completely left to the agency. It is also important to note that no particular ERS is suitable for all conditions because site-specific factors can influence ERS selection.

TitlePublication Date 
Reinforced Earth MSE with Precast Concrete Facing Panels and Inextensible Soil ReinforcementsOctober 2022Download
Redi-Rock Precast Modular Retaining Wall SystemAugust 2022Download
MSE Plus Wall SystemOctober 2021Download
EarthTec Reinforced Soil Wall SystemApril 2021Download
Stone Strong Precast Modular Retaining Wall SystemJanuary 2021Download
LOCK+LOAD Retaining Wall System with Tencate Geosynthetic Geogrid ReinforcementNovember 2020Download
KeySystem Compac III Retaining Wall System, Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLCJune 2020Download
Anchor Diamond Pro PS Wall System, Anchor Wall SystemsAugust 2019Download
Vistawall Stabilized Earth WallAugust 2018Download


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Technical evaluation reports of earth retaining systems (ERS) under the IDEA program include a technical review of the system and its components including the following:

  • Components - drawings, specifications and test results for components
  • Design - design methodology used to model earth pressures, evaluate system components and system performance (e.g. deformation and design life), and provide calculations for a typical structure
  • Construction Procedures - recommended procedures used to construct the ERS
  • Quality Control Measures - applicable to the structure design, component fabrication and ERS construction
  • System Performance History - relevant performance case histories of the ERS

Disclaimer: The information found in these evaluation reports is neither an endorsement nor an approval of a technology. Instead, the information is intended to provide the reader with accurate information and/or credible analysis.